Happy Birthday to my Dad!
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014
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It's my Dad's birthday today.

My parents are divorced, married and then divorced again.  Growing up with broken marriages can make a child bitter and jaded towards the world and in some ways, maybe I am.  But I also like to think that it has made me more open minded to how everyone is different.  We are a blended family.  All of my clients know that I am the oldest of 5 children, heck, it's something I'm proud of and have it in our welcome information about who Nick and I are individually.  

While my father was around as much as possible, we were not that close as I grew up.  As I got older, became an adult and parent myself, I see us getting closer and closer everyday.  I have learned so much from him.  Nick says that while we may not have been super close growing up that subconsciously, I must have been watching him closely because we are more a like than either of us know.  We have the same mannerisms, humor and even temper...yes...I have a temper...Nick calls it a flaw, I call it a personality! ;)  

*Be strong.  Be strong for yourself but be strong for others who need it.  I always took this as "Don't let them see you cry" as well and to this day not many people have seen me cry.    

*Be funny.  When in doubt, be witty and all uncomfortable situations become easy.  Smile and smile often...even when you feel like yelling.

*Be satisfied, don't be materialistic.  There may come a time when you can't be materialistic and all you will have is what you have.  

*Be a hard worker.   Work for what you want and if you want it, go get it.  

*Be polite.  We are from the South and by golly, we are going to use good manners.  Yes, Sir!

*Be a good spouse.  A marriage takes work, day in-day out.  Divorce is easy.  All good things come to those who work hard.

*Be yourself.  Yes, I am independent, loud, funny, and don't take myself too seriously.  I get all those traits from him but ultimately, I am me and that's okay.  I have been taught to embrace who I am.

*Be honest.  It may be harder to be honest but it makes you a better person.  Lies are horrible, horrible things!

*Be an "overcomer".  Bad things happen to good people.  Don't let them slow you down.  Life keeps moving and you have to move with it.

*Be confident.  Don't feel sorry for yourself.  Pity is a useless emotion and will only bring you down.  

*Say your Prayers.  God always listens and will also be in your corner when no one else is, so make him a part of your life.

*Grudges are a waste of time.  Everyone loses, no one wins when a grudge is involved. 

*Keep trying.  It's okay to fail.  Learn from it and try again.  (I am still working on this one.)

*I get my singing talents from him and by that I mean I can't carry a tune even if it had a handle!

*Beer is good...but drink too much and it will make you dance like a fool. 

*Dogs are scary.  Okay...this is just him! ;)  I love my Dogs!
*Your parent's worry about you.  You worry about them.  Worry...I have learned to worry!

*Always be on time...especially for your curfew.  Seriously, y'all!

*If you can't spell a word, your spouse is going to tell you to "sound it out".  Right, Mom and Nick?!

*"Patience is a virtue" that one that neither my dad or I will ever have.

*Popcorn is a must if you are having a movie night.

*Love your family.  No. Matter. What. 

Lastly, a Daddy is a Daughter's first love.  I love you, Daddy!  Happy Birthday!  XOXO   

P.S. Since I have also been in my Father's life for over half of his 47 years, I can only hope that some of my awesomeness has rubbed off on him as well! 

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Devon Sorrow - I am crying right now. This is such a wonderful Birthday gift for your Dad. He is quite an amazing man. And yes. You are so much like him it is funny. Love you Brittney Ann