The Unsung Heros of JAD Photography
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Monday, March 17, 2014
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Calleigh at the recent engagement session of our friends

It's Friday night at 9:08 PM.  I look around and wonder "Where as the heck has the day gone?".  Our sweet yet wild Daughter, Calleigh, is running through the house with excitement in search of her books as I have just handed her her now charged Leap Frog pen.  Nick is testing and putting final touches on our new photo booth, Media Me, engulfed in what appears to me to be a 10 foot iPhone.  And I have just sat down with a drink-in-hand after straightening the house and preparing an overnight bag for Calleigh as she will be spending the weekend at my Grandmother's.  

Just another Friday night in wedding season, I guess, packing camera gear and preparing for the next day. We have two weddings this weekend and we are so excited to kick off the wedding season.  "Full Steam Ahead!", right?

And it hits me...

Overwhelming gratitude.

How my Father has helped Nick with the photo booth for almost 2 months.  How my Grandmother and Grandfather will also be starting another wedding season with us as they willingly give up their Saturdays to watch over Calleigh.  How my Brother-in-Law will be coming over 2-3 times a day this weekend to check on our Golden Retriever, Abby, since we will be out of town shooting weddings.  

And I realize none of our clients know who these and many other unsung heroes behind the scenes of JAD Photography are.  Our family members are the ones who do so much and get no real credit other than our "We really appreciate it", "Thanks again"or "We couldn't do it without you".  They give up their weekends so that we can work, their evenings for our meetings, their time to tackle new ventures with us, and moments to look at each and every blog post.  They encourage us.  They are a shoulder to lean on when we are frustrated and a smiling face during our highs.  They are constantly there, behind the scenes, cheering us on.  They have ultimately taken on this dream with us and have given this business of ours some of themselves along the way.

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Calleigh and my Grandmother, her Great-Grandmother, at Halloween

They are invested in our company and clients just like we are.  Just this past Tuesday we picked up Calleigh from my Grandmother's after a bridal session.  I remember running to her camera in hand to show her how amazing our bride's dress was.  As I sat outside on the patio with her showing her images and talking way too fast about how I loved this bride, her dress and her family, I see my own excitement mimicked in her face.  

Moments like this happen all the time.  In the moments as we walk in at someone's house after a meeting. They ask that same ol' question with the same ol' anticipation "How did it go?!". They. Are. Invested.  

When we were sitting in my parent's house and Nick said "I wanna build a photo booth".  No one, other than me that is, said that's crazy or you shouldn't do that.  My Father said "Let's do it".  I look back though and wonder if he knew he would be giving up 3-4 evenings a week for 2 entire months if he would have said the same thing.  And then I think....Yeah.  He would.  Not because he wants to give up almost every evening but because we couldn't have built this thing without him.

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Calleigh and my parents during the snow storm of 2014

I have decided to start ending some things such a thank you notes or announcements or things of the sort "The Just a Dream Photography Team" or something like that.  Because we are a team.  Yes, our clients know of only Nick and I and that's okay. It's our way of acknowledging those that are behind the scenes because without them, there wouldn't be a Just a Dream Photography.  For those that help us so much...we love you more than words can say.  We appreciate you more than words can say.  We owe every piece of happiness of chasing this dream of ours to you and our clients.  

"Now may the Lord show loving kindness and truth to you and I also will show this goodness to you because you have done this thing." -2 Samuel 2:6

random family iphone photos photo

Random iPhone photos of our families who help us so much!

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Mona Matthews - So happy to see you and Nick building a great business. Brad has told me about the Media Me idea (perfect name by the way!) Every wedding will want one. You are so blessed to have such a supportive family. We love you too. Mona
Ann - You and Nick work so hard we're glad we can help in anyway.Keeping our baby girl is a pleasure to us and we're happy to do it.So very proud of our GrandDaughter Brittney and our GrandSon Nick. We love you guys