What's on our minds, Wednesday: Life
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
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"What's on our minds, Wednesday" posts are personal post about what is on our minds lately.

Life is short.

I know.  It's the most cliché phrase and used so often but, I think about this past month and the deaths and illnesses that have touched me and I can't help but continue to think this to myself.

I was at the hospital on Friday watching my Grandmother endure her first round of Chemo in 14 years.  We were all devastated when the doctors said her Breast Cancer was back...after 14 years!  After Chemo, I watched her shave her head and tell me "I'm in control this time".  It was one of the most powerful things I have ever watched (and as a wedding photographer, that's saying something).  I sat there and thought that my Grandmother has went through so much in her life.

It got me thinking about life  I know, I'm not normally a share-my-feelings kind of girl but I wanted to get my thoughts out and what better way to write them down!

My Great-Grandmother passed away 8 years ago earlier this month at the amazing age of 83.  Do I think she thought life was short?  Heck no!  I can just hear her now saying that she had a long and wonderful life.

Then I think about my wonderful Pastor, Darren, who passed away suddenly at 45 just a few short weeks ago.  I think about how he was my parents age with kids that are my age and how much he will not get to experience.  

I think about those that lost their loved ones in OK or how today alone, I saw on my Facebook timeline two different people passed away and their friends and family are devastated and heartbroken.  

I just shook my head and said a silent prayer and thought "what else can I do?".

Maybe it's because Facebook makes information more readily available or maybe it's that I'm older and more aware of life itself, either way,  I am finding myself surrounded by heartbreak.  Many times this month I've prayed for those that have lost loved ones or those that are sick and each time been so thankful that I continue to have my family with me.

I am learning more and more as I grow in my Faith that we are not promised tomorrow.  While we have wonderful things waiting for us when we pass, I am sure that I am not alone in hoping for many, many more years.  All of these unexpected deaths remind me to cherish my loved ones.  To speak sweeter and love harder.  To forgive.  To laugh.  To accept each person in my life for who they are.  Most importantly, I have learned to slow down.  Far too often I am in front of a computer emailing, editing, blogging (like now!).  This world keeps on spinning even though we're busy and in the blink of an eye our life can change.  So, strive to be happy.  Strive to be present.  Lastly, strive to make a difference in someone's life!

Is life short?  Heck yes!  

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